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Time turns into life and happiness there…
In this beautiful island where outgoing, friendly and hospitable people are living, it is the sunset times the most fabulous times of the day. Dinners are the most important events of the day as they are the chances to chat on and share the beauties you have delightfully lived during the day. At this time of the day, restaurants and cafes, one more beautiful than the other, will be waiting to host and serve you in best possible ways. It is possible only in these places to taste the unique specialities of cuisine of North Cyprus such as “Kuyu Kebap” (Kebab gently cooked in coal), “Şeftali Kebab” (Minced beef with herbs and spices, rolled with midriff), vast choices of mezes, crumpets in thick syrup, milk puddings, walnut desserts, and many more delicious tastes.

We, the Turkish people, have a proverb that reminds us that the friendships must last forever: “A cup of coffee means a debt of gratitude that will last forty years.”. If you wish to hear these words often while sensing the smell of a hot coffee and share this with your friends as well as living the extraordinary beauties of North Cyprus at a poetic atmosphere, then go to the Bella Paix Monastry and have a cup of Turkish coffee in peace, laying your eyes on the fabulous scene of sunset from this historical monument. You will always remember the beauty of those extraordinary moments with a smile in your eyes.

Discover how life turns into living and happiness in North Cyprus while the golden lights of Sun are rolling down over the horizon of Mediterranean and the mystical atmosphere of night tardily falling over everywhere like a purple blanket.

Time turns into history there
As you are viewing the unmatched beauty of Yeşilırmak Sea, the symphony of wind would whisper you the mysterious sounds of history. The boundless peace of Pygades Temple that you can feel deep in your heart would tranquilize your soul, whereas you would be much impressed from the remains of the “ancient ship wreck” displayed in the Kyrenia Castle. Historical traces of civilizations, magnificent views of the bell towers and minarets towering into the sky as if they are penetrating it, will meet you as the unique samples of ancient Christian and Ottoman era, and will impress you much. As you climb up to the towers of St. Hillarion, Kantara and Buffavento Castles at the heights of mountains, the emotions you will feel will indicate that you have approached to God closer. It is a must to attend a concert at the ancient theatre of Salamis Ruins if you wish to see how magnificently the pillars and walls of Salamis stand and challenge against the wind and time for several centuries. It is almost pretty sure that you will hear a whisper or a tune coming from ancient times.

Discover how time turns into history in there while the soul of Aphrodite wonders around the golden sands lying beneath the white foams of waves…

There, Time Turns into Light, Nature and Color
By all means, birth of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty, on the coasts of Cyprus is not coincidental. The richness of natural beauties of Cyprus are identified with the figure of Goddess Aphrodite. You can see the most beautiful colors and light only if you live here. The colors of nature changing during the day will always remind you the beauty of Aphrodite.

Cyprus is a worldly heaven. Cyprus, the island of legends, is indeed unprecedented with its vast, deep blue, fabulous skies touched by sun almost twelve months a year; the golden beaches that are amongst the most beautiful ones of the world; rich, colourful flora and various endemic flowers covering hills and fields as if painted on a canvas of a painter; the magnificent Pentadactylos (Five Fingers) Mountains rising into the skies and lying through the endless horizons; and especially during the Spring time, with endemic tulips, orchids, and other particolored flowers that cover the mountains and fields as a flamboyant blanket.

Discover how time turns into light, nature and color while watching up the seven colors of a rainbow inside a rain drop…