Effective Communication in Education Program begins at Near East University on April 2, 2018

Near East University Lifelong Education Center (YABEM) in collaboration with Atatürk Faculty of Education has rolled up its sleeves to offer short-term ‘Effective Communication in Education’ certification program to respond to the diverse lifelong learning needs of the all stakeholders involved in educational life. According to the press statement issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, the Lifelong Education Center, which has provided hundreds of participants with a variety of short-term education programs so far, rolled up its sleeves to offer a short-term program on Effective Communication in Education. The program covers both theoretical and practical training applications as well as seminars oriented at gaining and developing personal communication skills in education. Short-term training and certification program to be run by field expert academicians will cover applications required for gaining and developing verbal and non-verbal communication skills including communication with new generation students, teacher-parent communication, communication in adolescents, in-class effective communication, settlement of conflicts between manager and personnel, listening, diction, articulation and speech. The Effective Communication Program, which will be organized by Atatürk Faculty of Education within the frame of short-term training and certification programs of Near East University Life Long Education Center (YABEM), will be held at Near East University Educational Palace. The program, which will begin on April 2, 2018, will last five weeks. Merici: “Individual Competence in Communication and Interaction Plays a Key Role in Gaining a Respectable and Successful Place in Society” Underlining the relevance to the objectives of the program in terms of content richness and aim-oriented integrity, Professor İsmail Hakkı Merici, Dean of NEU Atatürk Faculty of Education, stated that he firmly believed that the short-term Effective Communication in Education certificate program would provide a very significant contribution to the participants in gaining and developing communication and interaction skills. Highlighting that the program would be implemented by field expert academicians, Professor Merici noted that the program, which would last five weeks, would cover both theoretical and practical training applications on gaining and developing verbal and non-verbal communication skills including communication with new generation students, teacher-parent communication, communication in adolescents, in-class effective communication, settlement of conflicts between manager and personnel, listening, diction, articulation and speech. Koldaş: “The Program Will Contribute to All Stakeholders to Develop a Common Language and Effective Communication Skills” Assoc. Prof. Dr Umut Koldaş: “Communication is one of the most important processes in that we can understand each other correctly in every sphere of our social life and produce sustainable solutions that reflect the thoughts of all stakeholders relevant to the resolutions of our common problems. We believe that a common language and communication skills need to be developed in order to create a common intellectual ground amongst the stakeholders in the field of education as well. With this in mind, this short-term training program has been designed for all stakeholders involved in education, mainly teachers, educational administrators, parents, those who are candidates to be a teacher or educator. Through this program, we aim to provide contribution to the creation of a common language focused on problem solving in the educational field and the development of communication skills, which enable the effective use of this common language”. For further information or registration regarding the ‘Effective Communication in Education Course’ or other short term education programs which will be held in the Spring Term of 2017-2018 Academic Year, please visit www.neu.edu.tr web page, [email protected] e-mail address, Near East Institute Facebook page (facebook: ydüyaşamboyueğitimmerkezi) , or call 223 64 64 (extension 5532) and 0533 829 97 36 phone numbers.

TRNC Record has been broken on Near East University Campus; 451 Units of Blood was donated in 5 Days

Near East University Red Crescent Club, Turkish Republic of Red Crescent of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and Turkey jointly realised an event titled as “Red Crescent on Campus” and has caused a record to be broken regarding blood donations. According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, a bus was sent to the TRNC by the Red Crescent of Turkey for the blood donation event and the event was held on Near East University campus. Furthermore, it was stated that a high number of volunteers had donated blood due to the event and that a TRNC record had been broken by collecting blood from 451 people. In addition to the above, it was pointed out that on the first day of the blood donation event, the bus which had been sent to the TRNC by the Red Crescent of Turkey was present in front of the Near East University Library. Over the next three days, it was available for blood donations in front of the İrfan Günsel Congress Centre. A high number of university students and personnel volunteered to donate blood and contributed to this meaningful event. “Red Crescent on Campus” has been a fruitful project on Near East University campus… It was revealed that the main aim of the Red Crescent on Campus Project was to raise awareness on the need for continuous and voluntary blood donators and that it turned out to be a rather fruitful event. Furthermore, it was pointed out that the Red Crescent Club of NEU has been active since 2nd October 2017 and that regular meetings were held at 17:00 every Tuesday; aiming to organise events to raise awareness on the matter. TRNC Record was broken on Near East University Campus… The statement made by the Near East University Red Crescent Club include the information that they had collected 451 units of blood on Near East Campus within a week’s time; taking the blood bank reserves of the country to the peak. Moreover, since January 2018 to date 208 volunteers had applied to the Near East University Hospital to donate blood. It was pointed out that the yearly blood donation need of the country was around 24 thousand units and that the NEU Red Crescent Club’s main aim was to raise awareness on continuous voluntary donators. The Red Crescent Club of Near East University expressed appreciation to the authorities of the Red Crescent of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for their support. They also thanked Near East University Rectorate, Vice Rector of NEU Prof Dr Tamer Şanlıdağ, to Registrar’s Office, to Red Crescent Club Consultant Assoc. Prof Dr Kaya Süer and to all those who made donations.

Champions raise morale before Final-Four

Near East University Women’s Basketball Team, reaching to five championships and five cups with the 25th Presidential Cup and Turkey Women’s Cup, the board of directors, the technical committee and the players came together at a dinner for raising morale before the Final-Four. According to the information given by the Near East University Sports Club, the team and club administrators meeting at the restaurant called Rubby in Istanbul before the Final-Four which will be held in the city of Spron, Hungary, between April 20-22, raised morale for the tough competition and celebrated the championships of the 25th Presidency Turkey Cup and Turkey Women’s Cup. Having the meal in a very friendly environment, the players and the administrators of the club celebrated the success they had achieved. Işık Eyigüngör: “We trust to our players” Near East University Sports Club President Isik Eyigüngör emphasized that they gave a morale and celebration meal to their players before the tough and exciting Final-Four conveyed their best wishes to the players. Club President Eyigüngör expressed that the team had a busy season and achieved great success in challenging lanes, “We had a very nice night together. We won the 25th President’s Cup and we shared the joy of reaching the fifth round of the Turkey Cup final and also raised the morale of our players with this celebration before participating in the tough Euroleague Final Four for the first time. It was a nice night for the team’s morale and motivation. ” Bahar Caglar: “We want to be Euroleauge Champion” Team Leader Bahar Çağlar, thanked the Board of Directors of the Near East University Women’s Basketball Team, who organized the dinner, and said, “We are delighted to continue our achievements in addition to the ones we had achieved last season. We will continue to work harder and harder to achieve the goals we have set. Our achievements are not a coincidence. We have an experienced coach and technical-management team. The team spirit and unity reflected in the games the exercises brought us success. The support of the Turkish Cypriot people in North Cyprus motivates us. As a family, we are all fighting together. Our current goal is to achieve a good success in the Final-Four. First of all, we are the only Turkish team to reach up to the finals of the Final Four and then we want to have the pride by winning the cup of the Euroleague Final Four for the first time. We will do our best”.

Colorful Pakistani Culture Night at Near East University

The Pakistan Student Union affiliated with the Dean of Student Affairs of the Near East University organized Pakistani Night with various activities. According to the information given by the Near East University Press and Public Relations Directorate, in the night, which took place at the Near East University’s Grand Library, the NEU students and students from other universities showed great interest to the event, and Vice Rector of the Near East University, Dr. Şenol Bektaş and Dean of Student Affairs were among the participants. In the night when the Pakistani culture was reflected, the students presented different performances with Pakistan’s local clothes. The folk dances were performed along with various dances which accompanied by musical instruments colored the night. More than 400 people participated in the cultural night of the Pakistani students. The event was regarded as an important event for socialization of the students and introducing various cultures, through which cultural exchanges were also experienced. “Cultural Reflections Leaves Unforgettable Memories to Our University” Students Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dudu Ozkum Yavuz stated that cultural nights are an important event for student clubs and associations and that it would be an unforgettable memory for foreign students to reflect their own cultures. Emphasizing the advantage of education in an international environment, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yavuz said that different societies in the school created a platform for exhibiting their own cultural heritage.

The Book Collection of Near East University Grand Library features more than 2 million books while the number of e-Articles exceeds 550 million

Besides being the most comprehensive information access and culture center in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in compliance with international standards, Near East University Grand Library is among the world’s rare libraries. The book collection of the Grand Library features more than 2 million books while the number of e-journal articles exceeds 550 million. According to the press info delivered by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, the Grand Library also houses the newly opened Children Library where over 7000 DVD, 75 volumes of braille books and more than 750 audio books in Turkish/English are available for visually impaired users. The Grand Library, which is 24/7 in service for the Cypriot Turkish Community, not only provides access to millions of e-articles and books including century-old rare collections but also facilitates additional storage, access to the visual media library and databases on Turkish Law and English Law. Attaching the utmost importance on ensuring an accessible and inclusive society for persons with disabilities, Grand Library houses a unit for them where they can easily access information without encountering any hindrance. Grand Library in which the official gazette is archived with the decree of the council of ministers of TRNC houses the Special Collection Section where rare books published in 1910 and earlier are available, the Reserve Section, Audiovisual Material Section, and Attila Türk Archive Room with 6000 published books and personal notes with historical value. The Grand Library, which has 7000 daily users, was selected as the “Turkic World Central Library” in 2007. KITS (Interlibrary Loan Tracking System), which is an online system for resource sharing, allows all members of KITS to access the books and scholarly e-articles. Access to more than 2 million books, over 550 million e-articles, and proprietary databases of Turkish and British Law Near East University Grand Library, which provides access to more than 2 million books and 550 million e-journal articles, also features the largest legal information portal in Cyprus. The HeinOnline, which is the world’s premier online database providing access to more than 150 million pages of law documents including the UN documents, the Westlaw, which is one of the world’s leading online legal research services providing access to all lawsuits, legislations, law journals, law reviews, treatises, and legal forms relevant to English law, and the Law Maritime of Commercial database, which provides access to laws, lawsuits and documents relating to maritime and shipping all over the world are included in the information network of the Grand Library. An Understanding that Combines Traditional Librarianship Values with Future Information Technologies… Near East University Grand Library, which has always been a vital part of the community, combines the traditional library concept with future information technologies. The integration of new information technology by adapting to the needs of digital information era boosts the library into a more vital intellectual center for the society. Using the information technologies of the future, the users access instant digital information easily. The visual media section houses cabins, where thousands of DVDs of music, documentary films and movies are available, group work rooms, and digital information storage centers, which allow access to millions of academic journals, reports, articles, newspapers and documents covering different subject areas. Grand Library also stands out as a center with conference and exhibition halls. Conference halls host many national and international meetings, workshops, symposia and panels where scholars, scientists and researchers present their studies and share their information and experiences. Many visual art exhibitions aimed at raising public awareness as well as enhancing visual information of the society are held within the body of the library. The archive and rare books collection section of Grand library houses documents with historical value and books that bring together accumulated information of centuries that witnessed the history of Cyprus and the world. The Construction of the Rare Works Library is ongoing… The construction of the Rare Works Library, which will be the second big library in NEU Campus, is ongoing. The library will house very rare works related to literature, history and arts, as well as manuscripts, personal collections, encyclopedias, imperial decrees, maps, CMC archive and notable works of our domestic researchers. Special collections of our notable domestic researchers, and special collections of Ahmet C. Gazioğlu, Atila Türk, Kutlu Adalı, Erdoğan Mirata, Osman Türkay and Özker Yaşın, which are currently housed by the Grand Library, will also the featured in the Rare Works Library. Children’s Library in the Service of Public… The Children’s Library Section of the Grand Library provides educational, recreational, and cultural resources for children aged 2 to 8. It has a large collection of picture books, story books, nonfictional books, and multimedia materials in English and Turkish. The overriding aim of the library is to develop children’s reading, research, and creativity skills through different programs and activities. Children’s Library houses an activity room, a story telling corner and a book room, where 630 books of interest are available to public. Tümer Garip: “We will keep going Librarianship at International Standards” Underlining that the Grand Library has been growing in the line with the future-oriented vision of the university and the needs of information of the public since its establishment, NEU Vice Rector Tamer Garip stated that they had opened a new page to the understanding of librarianship in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus through innovative approaches and original works related to information organization and access. “Modern libraries are not the places where tons of books are stored for circulation. Modern Libraries are learning centers of the digital information era which provide access to millions of information resources. Within the framework of a certain planning and social information needs, Grand Library has realized a significant growth concurrently to the growing information needs of our university and country. Our library, which is the most reliable information access center for our university and our country, will continue to grow consciously and steadily with long-term planning in the awareness of this responsibility. We will continue to adapt the needs for digital information to accommodate the information needs of public. Grand library will keep growing alongside technology and help educate the public in ways like never before. We will also continue to exert effort towards raising awareness, encouraging students to develop reading habits and keeping up to date with the latest information technologies” said he.

Organized by Near East University, Conference Series on ‘100 Reasons to Produce Science’ hosted Prof. Dr. İskender YILGÖR who is one of the world’s forerunners of studies on Polymers

Being devoted to providing institutional contribution to innovative scientific information production and ensure excellence in education and innovative scientific studies, Near East University continues to host worldwide renowned scientists and provide opportunity for the faculty members and students to enhance their knowledge through fruitful plenary conferences. Having been scheduled to host top100 Turkish Scientists from all around the world, the Conference Series ‘100 Reasons to Produce Science’ hosted Prof. Dr. İskender YILGÖR as the keynote speaker of the seventh forum. Professor YILGÖR is one of the worldwide renowned scientists with his studies in the field of chemistry and he has extensive experience in the structural design, synthesis, characterization, modification and applications of thermoplastic polyurethanes and polyureas, reactive silicone oligomers, silicone containing copolymers and toughening of epoxy resins. Prof. Dr. İskender YILGÖR: “All other wealth in life is temporary but knowledge is permanent” Power of Knowledge was the topic of the seventh forum of the conference series. Professor YILGÖR began his remarks with Peter Drucker’s quote “Knowledge is the source of wealth”. Underlining the crucial role of quality education, observations and experimental studies as well as determination and intense personal effort in acquiring knowledge, Professor YILGÖR stated that all wealth other than knowledge was temporary. During the conference, Professor YILGÖR delivered information on topics such as science, scientific research, production of information and success chain. In his remarks, he underlined that it was important to produce new knowledge but knowing how to utilize from this knowledge was more essential and important than just producing it. He also added that his studies were aimed at producing new information required to eliminate the challenges and provide solutions for the needs of the relevant sector across the globe. Underlining the necessity of carrying out very serious and precise studies to overcome the challenges and produce solutions for problems, Professor YILGÖR stated that the aim of his scientific studies was to produce new information useful to provide economic development and raise quality of life for people. Prof. Dr. İskender YILGÖR: “Quality Education is a must for success!” Noting that the success chain started with receiving a good education in a good educational system, Professor YILGÖR underlined that quality education was the first ring of the success chain. He stated that failure was inevitable in an education system of poor quality. “We acquire knowledge throughout the educational process. Then, we produce new information from scientific investigations that we carry out. Through innovation, discoveries and new technologies, this new information is transformed into applications leading to economic development and better quality of life for societies. This brings success in turn. This is a continuous cycle” said he. Polymers that almost used everywhere today In his presentation, Professor YILGÖR delivered information regarding polymers and the use of polymers in everyday life. “Polymers consist of many small molecules named monomers that are linked together to form long chains and are used in a lot of areas including nanotechnologies, textile, construction, space-aviation, automotive, health-medicine, water treatment, energy, defense, packaging, paints and microelectronics. Product made from polymers are all around us: clothing made from synthetic fibers, polyethylene cups, fiberglass, nylon bearings, plastic bags, polymer-based paints, epoxy glue, polyurethane foam cushion, silicone heart valves, and Teflon-coated cookware” noted he. Referring to polymeric coatings, Professor YILGÖR stated that polymers were used as polymeric coatings for enhanced protection of space stations, space crafts, constructions. “Polymers are also used as water vapor permeable, waterproof, breathing textile coating in products such as military uniforms, tents, and sport shoes. They are used as super water repellent and anti-icing coating in building and automobile paints, windowpanes, textile fabrics, roofs of buildings, solar panels and wind turbines. In addition, they are used as anti-creasing coatings for fabrics” said he. Touching upon the biomedical applications of polymers, Professor YILGÖR stated that utilization of polymers as biomaterials such as contact lenses, artificial heart and veins and 3D printing tissue scaffolds with extremely complex architectures that can mimic their biological counterparts had greatly impacted the advancement of modern medicine. At the end of his presentation, Professor YILGÖR answered the respective questions directed to him. Expressing his pride of being invited to such an outstanding conference, he extended his appreciations to faculty members and students for their intense interest in the conference. Attending the conference on behalf of Near East University, the Vice Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa KURT extended his appreciations to Professor YILGÖR and presented him a plaque of thanks in recognition of his unique contributions to the conference. Who is Professor İskender YILGÖR? He was born in Mersin-Turkey in 1951. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the Department of Chemistry of METU in 1972. He received M. S. and Ph. D. Degrees from Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey, where he also served as an Assistant Professor until 1980. Between 1980 and 1985, he was a Visiting Scientist at Prof. Jim McGrath’s Polymer Group, at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA. Then, in 1985 he joined Mercor Division of Thoratec Laboratories Corporation, Berkeley, California, USA, as the Vice President of Research and Development and was employed until 1989. Between 1989 and 1994 he served as the Director and Vice President of Research and Development at Goldschmidt Chemical Corporation, Hopewell, Virginia, USA, where he established the Polymer Center focused on development, production and commercialization of thermoplastic polyurethanes and various silicone containing copolymers. In 1994 Dr. YILGÖR joined Koç University as the founding faculty member of the Chemistry Department, where he also established the Polymer Research Laboratories. He has been a full Professor of Polymer Chemistry at Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey since 1996. Professor YILGÖR is the recipient of 2003 TUBITAK Science Award for his lifetime contributions to Polymer Science. He also received International Nonwovens Technical Conference, Best Paper Award (1987) USA, Koç University-Siemens Award for Excellence in Science and Innovation (1999), Rotary International-Mersin Toros Rotary Club Science Award for his contributions to Polymer Science (2004) and Best Paper Award in ACS 167th Rubber Division Meeting in San Antonio, TX (2005). Prof. YILGÖR served as a member of TUBITAK Science Board between 2009 and 2013. He is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of Toros University, Mersin, Turkey. He is an Associate Editor of European Journal of Chemistry and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Boards of several international journals, including Silicon. Prof. YILGÖR has published over 100 refereed journal articles and book chapters and is a co-inventor on 10 US and European Patents. His research interests include structural design, synthesis, characterization and investigation of the structure-morphology-property relations in multiphase copolymers. He has extensive experience in the structural design, synthesis, characterization, modification and applications of thermoplastic polyurethanes and polyureas, reactive silicone oligomers, silicone containing copolymers and toughening of epoxy resins.

Dr. Gökhan OKUR from FFAD, participated in a Workshop at the mARTfest – Art & Culture Festival- and carried out a work on Linoleum Block Print by Using Carving Techniques

Organized by METU Northern Cyprus, the Culture and Arts Festival mARTfest hosted Dr. Gökhan Okur, lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of Near East University. According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, mARTfest continues to enjoy many cultural events on all art branches. The faculty members of Near East University Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, which has an everlasting devotion to disseminating culture and art to wider populations, continue to contribute to the festival by participating in workshops and studios. The festival hosts many artists and designers from all branches of arts. Along with workshops and studios, dance performances, concerts, plays and competitions will be held as part of the festival this year. Participating in the workshop on printmaking, Dr. Gökhan Okur, lecturer at the Department of Design of FFAD (Faculty of Fine Arts and Design) of Near East University, shared his knowledge and experiences on printmaking with participant students. Dr. Gökhan Okur Produced Linoleum Block Prints by Using Carving Techniques Fish images from Samet Behrengi’s fairy tale titled as “Little Black Fish” were chosen for printmaking. Once the images were transferred successfully on the Linoleum block, Linocut carving technique was used for printmaking. First cut, beginning with careful outline of the image, just outside the lines allowed the adjustments in line quality. Then, Dr. Okur worked into details after the overall image form was developed. Once the image was carved, he carefully cleaned the loose material left from the carving process. The carved Linoleum block was exposed to the solvents in the ink body for printing. After printing, excess ink was removed from the surface of the plate with a cloth lightly dampened with solvent, and allowed to dry. “I truly believe in the positive outcomes of such events. I would like to take this opportunity and extend my appreciations to everyone, mainly Mr. Serhat Selışık in recognition of their contribution to the organization” noted he. Underlining the importance of collective production in arts, Serhat Selışık, artist and lecturer in charge of the organization of the event, expressed his views regarding the event: “I firmly believe that the experiences of the artists/designers invited to mARTfest are very valuable for our students. Such events that combine the dynamics of science with the practice of arts and design provide students with opportunity to enhance their artistic skills and capabilities required for developing creative solutions for problems likely to be encountered. “Thanks to all precious artists and designers for their participations and unique contributions” said he.

Tumor with 7 cm diameter between Nose and Brain was removed by using Intraoperative Navigation System

Near East University Hospital is pride of being the only and first hospital on the island that performed a successful skull base surgery using intraoperative navigation system. Near East University Hospital otorhinolaryngologists, ENT Head and Neck surgeons are on the leading edge of treating conditions related with otorhinolaryngology – head and neck surgery by using the latest innovations and techniques. Under the helm of Professor Ferhat Erişir, the Head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of Near East University Hospital, an experienced team of 9 staff consisting of ENT doctors, anesthetists, surgical nurses and technicians performed a successful skull base tumor surgery by using intraoperative navigation system. The 48 year old patient was discharged within a week without needing any add-on therapy after the operation. The 48 year old patient Zihniye Tınastepe admitted to the Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Section of Near East University Hospital with severe dizziness and headache complaint. Following the diagnostic MRI Scan and CT imaging, the patient diagnosed with skull base tumor -7cm in diameter – extending from ethmoidal sinus to the brain stem posteriorly as well as partial bone erosion proximal to the brain. Since the skull base tumor covered a large area extending to the brain stem, the expert and highly experienced ENT – Head and Neck Surgery team of Near East University Hospital tailored a minimally invasive endoscopic surgery approach using intraoperative navigation system which is a high end innovative technique used for tumor removal through the nose by traversing sinuses without any incision. The 7 cm skull base tumor removed successfully through a well-tailored operation lasting 3 hours. The Head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of Near East University Hospital, Professor Ferhat Erişir delivered information regarding the minimally invasive surgery using intraoperative navigation system. “This innovative navigation system allows the surgeons to visualize the tumor and its surrounding structures while performing the surgery by using nose and sinuses as channels to reach tumors without making an incision. In order to prevent intraoperative hemorrhage, the blood pressure of the patient was lowered and taken under control. No remarkable bleeding was experienced during three hour lasting surgery. The entire skull base tumor was removed successfully. No postoperative complication was developed as well”. The multidisciplinary team of experienced neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists of Near East University Hospital performed a high-risk skull base tumor surgery successfully by using innovative advanced technology. Surgical removal of skull base tumors that located in an area hard to reach presents significant risks because important nerve and brain structures may be involved. This type of procedure requires a multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists who have extensive experience in using innovative and advanced techniques. The ENT – Neck and Head Surgeon Team of Near East University Hospital has extensive experience and they are on the leading edge of treating hard to reach tumors that once considered inoperable. Considering the location of the 7 cm tumor, the multidisciplinary team of experienced neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists of Near East University Hospital tailored an innovative approach surgery using navigation system and removed the entire skull base tumor successfully. Skull base tumor symptoms & signs Prof. Dr. Ferhat Erişir also delivered information about the skull base symptoms: “All symptoms tend to start at any age slowly and gradually get worse over time. Skull base tumors may not produce any symptoms or signs until they grow and cause pressure on vital structures in the brain. Although skull base tumors are generally benign (non-cancerous) tumors, they may be life-threatening and fatal if not treated. Depending on the specific location of the tumor, symptoms and signs can vary. Common symptoms of skull base tumors include: Runny or stuffy nose, severe pain and pressure in the face/sinuses, hearing loss or tinnitus, blurry/double vision, dizziness and loss of balance when walking. People suffering from such symptoms need to consult an ENT – Head and Neck surgeon” noted he

Near East University has been successfully represented at the 7th International Congress of Caucasus Universities Association

Academic Member of Faculty of International Relations of Near East University Prof Dr Ghadir Golkarian successfully represented the NEU at the 7th International Congress (KÜNİB) of the Caucasus Universities Association. According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, the congress was hosted by Istanbul Maltepe University and Academic Member of Near East University and also Coordinator of Caucasus Universities Association Prof. Dr. Ghadir Golkarian represented the NEU while protocols were also signed between universities. It was pointed out that many Rectors from Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Moldovia, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Russia attended the congress and that cooperation on education and research; teacher and student exchange as part of the Mevlana Protocol, Ar-Ge, patenting, accreditation. Near East University is continuing to improve the quality of education and science… As part of the congress, and as a result of the Web o Metrics evaluation, Near East Universoty has signed cooperation protocols with Sahand Technical University, which is among top 500 universities around the world, Madani Technical University, Urmiya Medical University, Islamic Art and Sciences University, Islamic Azad University, Lenkeran Social Sciences University and Ardebil Medical University. Many cooperation agreements have been made with universities which are a member of the Caucasus Universities Association, Near East University is continuing the quality of education it offers to its students alongside making great contributions to science.
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