Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi Futbolcu Robotları (NEUIslanders) Avrupa Turnuvası için Hollanda'ya Hareket Etti

The Robotic Soccer Team of the Near East University (NEUIslanders) has gone to the Netherlands for RoboCup European Tournament 2016

NEUIslanders Robotic Soccer Team will compete with European opponents before participating in World RoboCup to be held in Germany. Prior to RoboCup 2016 in Germany, NEUIslanders, soccer playing robots that produced and developed in Near East University robotic laboratory has gone to Netherlands to compete with its European opponents at RoboCup European Tournament 2016. According to the Press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, NEU Robotic Soccer Team accelerated its practices after RoboCup 2015 that held in China. According to the press release, RoboCup 2016 will be held in Germany from 30 June to July 3 and prior to RoboCup 2016, NEUIslanders have gone to Netherlands to participate in RoboCup European Tournament which will be held in Eindhoven-Germany from 30 March till 3 April. During the tournament NEUIslanders will take the soccer pitch to compete with 2 teams from Germany and one team from Netherlands. NEUIslanders Robotic Soccer Team has gone to the Netherlands with a team of six persons NEUIslanders will participate in the tournament in the Netherlands with a team consisting of Nurullah Akkaya, Fatih Emrem, Seyhan Hüseyin, Berk Yılmaz, Murat Arslan and Görkem Say. NEUIslanders Robotic Soccer Team with its five year background is the youngest team of the tournament. Since it was launched and developed by R&D teams of NEU Innovation Center, Near East University Robotic Soccer Team has achieved to participate in all RoboCup competitions by meeting all qualification standards required for participation. NEUIslanders Robotic Soccer Team shows the success of improving its rates at each RoboCup competition. Touching upon the significant role of such tournaments in providing opportunities for them to compete with European teams and evaluating their position prior to RoboCup 2016, Team Captain Nurullah Akkaya stated that new members of the team would also find opportunity to adapt themselves to such robotic platforms.
Uzlaşmanın ve Çözümün Temel Şartı “Egemen Eşitlik” Olmalı

The Basic Condition for Reconciliation and Solution must be “Sovereign Equality”

As part of the changing and transforming priorities of NATO, Onur Öymen provided information regarding regional security and possible reflections upon Cyprus at the Near East University Near East Institute Security Academy. One of the most significant figures of Turkish Diplomacy, Dr. Onur Öymen, gave a seminar on “NATO’s Security Policy and Strategic Concept” at the Security Academy which was organised by Near East University-Near East Institute. According to the press info release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, Onur Öymen gave a seminar on NATO’s institutional and political consolidation with regard to 21st century security issues. It was revealed that he had made significant evaluations on NATO’s renewed security policy and strategic concept in relation to possible reflections on both Turkey and Cyprus. The sports embargo applied on Turkish Cypriots is the only one of its kind in the world! At the seminar, Öymen emphasised that the support to Greek Cypriots and pressure on the Turkish Cypriots was continuing at the international platform, and that the sports embargo applied to the Turkish Cypriots was the only one of its kind in the world. He further added that similar to the aforementioned embargo regarding sports, there were many other fields where the Turkish Cypriots were confronted with embargoes and stressed that under these circumstances, it was very unlikely to reach a fair solution to the Cyprus issue. The most significant condition for reconciliation and a solution is “Sovereign Equality” Moreover, Öymen emphasised that everybody desired an agreement and a solution to the Cyprus issue and the most significant condition for reconciliation and solution was based upon sovereign equality. He pointed out that including the ‘Annan Plan’, the Turkish Cypriots were not offered sovereign equality and expressed that for a permanent and fair solution, it was necessary to base the solution on firm ground which includes two equal constituent states. Additionally, Onur Öymen expressed that Cyprus was significant for Turkey, and that during the process regarding reaching a solution, it was highly necessary to retain strong relationship between Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots. It was revealed that the subsequent to the seminar, Dr. Onur Öymen (Retired Ambassador) was presented a Certificate of Appreciation by Vice Rector of Near East University, Prof. Dr. Şenol Bektaş and Head of Near East Institute Assoc. Prof. Dr. Umut Koldaş. Furthermore, it was revealed that the Security Academy will be continuing with similar significant issues and spokespersons until 21st May, 2016. For more information on the short term educational and certificate programmes offered by Near East Institute Security Academy, please visit www.neu.edu.tr and/or email [email protected] and/or call landline 223 64 64 (extension number 532) or call 0533 829 97 36. You may also follow Near East Institute on facebook.

Near East University Women’s Basketball Team is taking the court for an away game versus BOTAŞ

Near East University women’s Basketball Team will face BOTAŞ in the 25th week of Bilyoner. com Women’s Basketball League. The match, which will take place at Menderes Sports Hall in Adana at 17:30 on March 30, 2016, will be broadcasted live on TRT Sports Channel. According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of the university, Near East University Women’s Basketball Team coach İlker Gözeneli along with team players Hülya Özkan and Alyssa Thomas expressed their views regarding the match. Ilker Gözeneli: “We want to win both of the last matches of the league” Underlining that they had only two matches to play, NEU coach İlker Gözeneli expressed his views regarding the issue. “The league is about to come an end. We have only two more matches to play. On Wednesday March 30, we will face BOTAŞ. It will be a very challenging match as both teams will fight to win. We want to stay away from the relegation zone. Our current position in the league is a place that we don’t deserve at all. A tough and high tempo match is waiting for us. I would like to thank to TRT Sports for broadcasting the match live and providing our fans with opportunity to watch us. This has a great meaning for us; on behalf of my team and TRNC people, I extend my thanks once again” said he. Hülya Özkan: “Our primary goal is to end up the league in the best manner” Indicating that they prepared for the match well, NEU team player Hülya Özkan expressed her views. “Winning the match that we played against Mersin Metropolitan Municipality last week boosted our morale. We prepared well for BOTAŞ match by keeping our morale high. We will combat with all our might to win the match” said she. Alyssa Thomas: “We will be on the court with all our might to win our last matches” Underlining their commitment to winning both of their last matches, Alyssa Thomas voiced her views. “League is about to come an end; we have only two more matches. League is full of surprises; each team has the capacity to beat the other, we can see this. We will take the court and fight with all our might to be the winner of the last two matches” said she.

Near East University Experimental Health Sciences Research Center held a course on “Article Writing In Social Sciences”

The course on “Article Writing in Social Sciences” for academics was held on 24-25 March by NEU Experimental Health Sciences Research Center. According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, 105 academics participated in the course which was implemented by 13 experienced field experts and lasted two days. Topics such as considerations in article writing, how to use statistics, science and publication philosophy, were covered throughout the program. Six conferences were held in two days Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ, NEU vice Rector and Director of EHSRC (Experimental Health Sciences Research Center), Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Uzunboylu, Dean of Faculty of Education, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sağsan, acting Director of Social Sciences Institute, delivered the opening remarks of the course program.  Three conferences on “Publication world and problems that experienced”, “Considerations in article writing in Social Sciences”, and “Statistical errors made in scientific articles and the use of SPSS” were held on the first day of the course and three conferences on “Philosophy of Science”, Article writing in Social Sciences based on qualitative research” and “Issues that taken into consideration by Journal editors” were held on the second day of the course. At the end of the Program, EHSRC 2016 objectives were shared; participation and thanks certificates were presented to participants and lecturers respectively.

Near East Angels outscored Mersin Metropolitan Municipality by 16 points

Near East University Women’s Basketball Team defeated Mersin Metropolitan Municipality by a net score of 73-57 For the 24th week match of Bilyoner com Women’s Basketball League, Near East University Women’s Basketball Team hosted Mersin Metropolitan Municipality at Mamak Municipality Sports Hall. According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of NEU, the Near East University Women’s Basketball Team played a very high tempo match versus Metropolitan Municipality in the 24th week of Bilyoner. com Women’s Basketball League. Due to the high performance of the team players, NEU Women’s Basketball Team completed the first period 15 points ahead its opponent by a score of 28-13. Without downing the tempo of the match, Near East University Women’s Basketball Team dominated the second period of the match. By virtue of good rebounding and the shots of its scorer players, NEU completed the first half of the match by a net score of 48-25. In the third period, NEU rebounders continued to crush the boards and the shooters kept scoring by 2 or 3 point shots. Consequently, NEU outscored its opponent in this period as well and completed the period by a score of 63-45. NEU Women’s Basketball Team started the last period of the match with zone defense and didn’t allow its opponent to make up the difference. Due to good rebounding and shooting, NEU defeated its opponent by a net score of 73-57 and left the court victoriously.

Meaningful visit from students of NEU Hair Care and Beauty Services Department

Students of NEU Hair Care and Beauty Services Department Visited ECE Private Elderly Nursing Home in Elderly Week. According to a press statement released by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of Near East University, the visit made by Yeşim Üstün Aksoy, Departmental Cordinator of Hair Care and Beauty Services, Nuray Kibrit, lecturer of the department, and students within the scope of Elderly Week and hair and beauty care services provided for the elderly living at the elderly nursing home. Students and teachers of Hair and Beauty Care Services Department expressed their feelings saying that they were much happy and grateful to be engaged in such a meaningful event and they are already looking for other events to deliver such services to those in need.

The City, Environment and Health Conference to be held in Northern Cyprus with Participation of Near East University

The City, Environment and Health Conference, of which one of the participants is the Near East University, will be held at TRNC Kaya Artemis Hotel on 11-15 May 2016. According to a press statement released by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of Near East University, the environmental and health issues of the cities we live in will be reviewed and proposals for solutions of problems will be raised in collaboration by directors and officers of relevant ministries, representatives of Union of Municipalities, directors and employees of municipalities, environmental engineers employed in state and private sectors, city planners, environmental health technicians, city and environmental health specialists, public health specialists and internationally recognized subject specialists and experts. This congress will gather up everybody considering the coperation to solve the problems regarding city, environment and health issues. Further details can be obtained from http://www.sehircevresaglikkongresi.com/
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