Cooperation between Near East University and Malaysian Society of Educational Administration and Management Institute

A cooperation protocol has been signed between National Research and Development Centre of Centre of Excellence, Near East University, and Malaysian Society of Educational Administration and Management Institute Cooperation will be made for possible advancements in education field… According to a press statement made by Press and Public Relations Directorate of Near East University, the protocol, signed between Prof. Dr. Nedime Serakıncı, Director of Center of Excellence, and Dr. Sazali Yusoff, President of Malaysian Society of Educational Administration and Management Institute, includes cooperation on issues of educational administration and management, teaching and learning process, as well as research and project development issues. In accordance with the terms of cooperation protocol, cooperation will be carried out on new approaches in educational management, administrative activities, teaching methods, research and supervision in pedagogial eduation.

NEU attended to Art and Design Symposium

Prof. Dr. Uğurcan Akyüz, Acting Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of NEU attended to 2. International Art Symposium of Gazi University held in Ankara, as an invited guest speaker from TRNC. According to a press statement released by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of Near East University, Prof. Dr. Akyüz’s presentation, of which the content was comprehensively prepared, was greatly appreciated. In his much appreciated presentation, Prof. Dr. Akyüz also pointed out that they are planning to organize a symposium themed POWER: ART and DESIGN at the Near East University, TRNC, in 2016, and everybody dedicated themselves to art are invited in advance. The full presentation of Prof. Dr. Akyüz can be viewed from http://ugurcanakyuz. /2015/11/ gazide-sempozyum- akademisyenlik.html Throughout the symposium which lasted 3 days, Prof. Dr. Adnan Tepecik, Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts Design and Faculty of Architecture; Prof. Dr. Meltem Yılmaz, Dean of Faculty of Fine arts of Hacettepe University; Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Elmas, Dean of Fine Arts of Selçuk University; Prof. Dr. Sibel Sıdıka Sevim, Director of Fine Arts Institute of Anadolu University also made presentations.

NEU has hosted an International Pharmaceutical Industry Symposium

An International Symposium based on Quality by Design (QbD) approach in Pharmaceutical Industry and ArGe in drugs and production was held at the NEU Faculty of Pharmacy… According to the press info release from the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, the 2nd International Symposium & Workshop of NEU Compaction Centre: Solid Dosage Formulation and Process Development “QbD / PAT in Mind” was held at the Near East University, through an organisation made by the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Near East Tourism Enterprises (Dorana Tourism). Great deal of interest was shown to the International Pharmaceutical Industry Meeting… It was revealed that through the sponsoring of BASF and Natoli, the opening cocktail of the aforementioned symposium was held at Kyrenia Oscar Resort Hotel. Furthermore, it was also expressed that worldly renowned scientists had shown a great deal of interest to this International Pharmaceutical Industry meeting. Simulated applications were made… In addition to the above, it was emphasised that the symposium was organised through efforts of Dr. Metin Çelik and Dr. Yıldız Özalp, and that the opening speeches were made by Dean of NEU Faculty of Pharmacy; Prof. Dr. İhsan Çalış and Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ. Moreover, it was stated that many issued were discussed , including Compaction Simulator applications and the benefits of formulation and results of processes . Contribution to the cooperation between the university and the industry… It was pointed out that the Compaction Simulator at the NEU Faculty of Pharmacy was used and that it was believed that this had led to contribution future cooperation opportunities between NEU and the pharmaceutical industry. ArGe departments of Turkish Drug Industry also attended the symposium… Additionally, it was expressed that leading pharmaceutical companies from Turkey, such as Abdi İbrahim, Bilim, Nobel, Mustafa Nevzat, PharmaVision, Berko İlac ArGe showed great interest to the symposium; alongside international raw material and firms such as BASF and Ashland, and Natoli Tablet Compression.

Near East University Hospital begins video capsule endoscopy and colonoscopy applications

Diagnosis of intestinal diseases through using a video capsul which will end the fears of patients in endoscopy and colonoscopy applications now began at the Hospital of Near East University which closesly follows the developments and advancements in medical sciences. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali İbrahim Shorbagi, specialist of gastroenterology, made a statement to Press and Public Relations Directorate of Near East University regarding the video capsule method, which is an alternative and advanced imaging and diagnosis application for diseases at the intestinal system. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali İbrahim Shorbagi stated that according to data published by the World Health Organization in February 2015, the intestinal type of cancers taking place amongst the top 5 cancer diseases, are from the cancer types which can be successfully treated when diagnosed early. However, due to the fear of endoscopy and colonoscopy in patients, the intestinal tumors in lower and upper gastrointestinal systems are diagnosed at late stages. The Video Capsule methods which has been put into use in recent years around the world is now providing a second but important alternative endoscopy and diagnostic methods for patients with fear of colonoscopy, and this method is expected to reduce the cancer risks significantly in colon cancer. What is Video Capsule Method, how is it applied? In the video capsule method, a pill size capsule with the recording device and a computer are used. Prior to the procedure, a fasting and liquid diet is applied to the patient for 12 hours, and following the diet, intestinal cleaning is carried out through the use of some drugs. After the preparation process, a small-pill shaped camera with one wide angle lens for small bowel diagnostics, or with two wide angle lenses is swallowed with the help of a glass of water to start the imaging process throughout the digestive system. During this trip in the digestive system, the video capsule wirelessly transfers the images taken to a mobile phone size device which is attached to the waiist of the patient for 24 hours and at the end of the process, is excreted through the feces of the patient within 24 hours. While the standard capsules take two images per second, advanced capsules have access to 18 images per second, and the images received are magnified 8 times to monitor the 90% of the diseased tissue. Who can the Video Capsule Method be applied to? To persons who need to undergo endoscopy and colonoscopy. To persons who cannot undergo anesthesia and suffer from health disorders that prevent them to undergo conventional endoscopy and colonoscopy methods. To persons who refuse to undergo conventional endoscopy and colonoscopy process.

Near East Institute reviewed new legal approaches in relation to Turkey-European Union-Cyprus

Relations between Turkey and European Union and Legal Aspects of Cyprus Problem Discussed at Near East Institute Prof. Dr. Sanem Baykal reviewed the relations between Turkey and European Union in relations with Cyprus problem at the “New Approaches, New Agendas In Turkish Foreign Policy” certificate program held by Near East Institute. According to a press statement released by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of Near East University, the last phase of the Turkish Foreign Policy Certificate Program held by Near East Institute was completed through the presentation of lecturer of Ankara University Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Sanem Baykal, which was titled “Relations between European Union-Turkey, European Union-Cyprus and European Union-Greece”. Throughout the certificate program started on 24 October and directed by Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Dayıoğlu, lecturer of Department of International Relations, subject specialist speakers such as Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aydın, Rector of Kadir Has University; Prof. Dr. Mithat Çelikpala, lecturer of Department of International Relations of Kadir Has University; Prof. Dr. Sanem Baykal, lecturer of Faculty of Law of Ankara University; Dr. Nuri Yeşilyurt, lecturer of Departmentn of International Relations of Political Sciences Faculty of Ankara University; Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Dayıoğlu, member of Board of Executives of Near East Institute, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tufan Erhüman, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Umut Koldaş, Director of Near East Institute took place.

Panel themed “Masnavi and Art in Medicine” from Faculty of Divinity

Faculty of Divinity of Near East University held a panel within the scope of Wednesday Presentations at the Orange Hall, themed “Reflections of Art in Two Different Subject: MASNAVI AND ART IN MEDICINE”. The speakers of the panel, which was directed by Assist. Prof. Dr. İhsan KAHVECİ, Vice Dean of Faculty of Divinity, were Dr. Mehmet İlker Gelişen from NEU Faculty of Pharmacy, and Assist. Prof. Dr. Sezai Küçük from Faculty of Divinity of Sakarya University. According to a press statement from Press and Public Relations Department of Near East University, the theme of the presentations were on “medicine and art”, and relations between art, anatomy and various diseases were highlighted and explored from various aspects.

H. E. Mihail Formuzal, the former President of the Autonomous Republic of Gagauzia visited the campus of the University of Kyrenia

His Excellency Mihail Formuzal, the former President of the Autonomous Republic of Gagauzia visited the new campus of the University of Kyrenia According the press release issued by the Directorate of Press & Public Relations Office of the University of Kyrenia, H.E. Mihail Formuzal, who went to the University of Kyrenia in accompany of NEU Founding Rector Dr.Suat İ. Günsel, was welcomed by the Acting Rector Prof. Dr. İlkay Salihoğlu, Asst. Prof. Dr. Hürmüs Refiker, Secretary the General of the University of Kyrenia, faculty deans and faculty members. During his visit, H.E. Mihail Formuzal toured the campus and he was provided with information regarding the newly opened faculty buildings, the Faculty of Medicine and the Hospital of the University of Kyrenia, which are scheduled to be in service in the academic year 2016-2017. He was also provided with detailed information concerning the goals and future plans of the university. Mihail Formuzal: “I am sure that the University of Kyrenia will contribute to international values significantly by realizing outstanding researches” His Excellency Mihail Formuzal, the former President of the Autonomous Republic of Gagauzia, indicated that he was extremely pleased with the visit. “I admired the campus of the University of Kyrenia. I was extremely impressed from the investments, projects and plans that I was told while touring the campus. The university campus was constructed in harmony with the architectural fabric of the city and in this way it contributes to the architectural structure of the city. The campus, which is equipped with the next generation cutting-edge infrastructural technology without disrupting the traditional fabric of the city, befits the city of Kyrenia. Thus, we can see that NEU’s innovative but also conservative approach, which conveys the past to next generations by preserving it extremely carefully, will continue under the umbrella of the University of Kyrenia. I believe that the University of Kyrenia, which has taken over the innovative educational approach, knowledge accumulation, experiences and objectives of the Near East University, will become a leading hub of science that conducting outstanding researches to contribute greatly to both international values and TRNC people. Enjoy your new campus that is equipped with the latest next generation technology to address all educational and training requirements of the students” said he.

Near East University Hospital is installing the latest technological PACS System that enables 4D radiological Imaging, diagnosis and virtual surgery

Near East University has begun the installation of the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), which is the latest medical imaging technology that provides economical storage of radiological data in a common medium and ensures convenient access to images and the associated reports whenever needed. PACS system also provides physicians with opportunity to increase the success rate and quality of operations by conducting simulated surgery in virtual environment prior the operations. Uses of PACS System Fujifilm’s Synapse Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), which is scheduled to be in use in December, allows the archiving and distribution of vast amounts of image information from all modalities. Synapse Workstation Software provides viewing and manipulation of radiological data including images, reports, patient status and clinical information. It also provides integrations to clinical applications including Radiology Information System (RIS) and three dimensional processing applications. The system enables the preparations of the assessments and reports in a short time by using the temporal (4D) processing and storage features of the images. Regardless the location and time, the physicians can access the patient’s data through their tablets, mobile phones, laptops or any other web-based device. Compared to conventional PACS, Fujifilm’s Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) allows more comprehensive and detailed applications in the field of Neurology; Cardiology, Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, Urology and Oncology. These applications encompass colonoscopy and bronchoscopy simulation, stent implantation simulation, catheter insertion simulation and advanced vascular analysis and similar applications in virtual environment. Adopting it as its fundamental goal to provide the people of Cyprus with quality, safe and affordable health services through the latest technological devices, Near East University Hospital is committed to investing in the field of health without interruption.

Near East University Obesity Project approved by TUBITAK

Near East University Continues Contributing to World Sciences The project titled “Evaluation of Adipogenic and Immunogenic Parameters in Adipocyte Human Origined Stem Cells Induced by Adenovirus-36” and directed by Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ, Director of Experimental Research Centre of Medical Sciences was approved by TUBITAK. The research team of the project involves Prof. dr. Seda Vatansever, Prof. Dr. Hasan Aydede, Biologist Sevtap Gökalp, Prof. Dr. Sinem Akçalı, lab technician Mehtap Koçan and Specialist Dr. Arzu Didem Yalçın. The project is expected to open new horizons in studies focusing on obesity caused by germs.

Near East University has transferred Marica Gajic, the power forward of the Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team

After realizing the transfer of Simay Karaman, the player of Turkey’s Senior Women’s National Team, the Near East University Women’s Basketball Team, which ranks the 4th in TWBSL by winning 3 of the first 5 matches of the super league, has transferred Marica Gajic, the power forward of the Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team. According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press & Public Relations Office of the Near East University, born in 1995, 1.90 tall Marica Gajic is considered as one of the best rebounders and most promising players of Europe. She is a versatile modern post player with high basketball fundamental and she has a variety of moves to score close and away from the basket. She has the ability to get inside the paint and drive to the basket. As an amazing rebounder, she reads the game well both offensively and defensively She has become all-times leading rebounder in the history of Adriatic League only at the age of 19 years Marica Gajic, who was transferred by NEU from Athlete Celje team of Slovenia, was selected as the 1st scorer, the 1st rebounder and the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of U20 European Championships that held in 2014 in Sofia. Throughout the championship, she exhibited a dazzling performance and played with an average of 20.2 points, 2.2 assists, 14.4 rebounds and 2.2 steals per game. Along with Ally Malott and Natasha Cloud, Gajic was selected by Washington Mystics at the third round of 2015 WNBA Drafts. She was the first in the history who was directly selected in the draft from the International Women’s Regional Basketball League. During last basketball season, she played 12 matches for Athlete Celje with an average of 16.2 points, 10.8 rebounds, 1.3 assists, 1.6 steals, and 50.0 % 3 FGP (Field Goal Percentage) per game and 7 matches in Women’s Adriatic League (WABA) with an average of 18.7 points, 12.6 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 1.7 steals. She was named the MVP for 2014-2015 season of Adriatic League and she has become the leading rebounder in the history of Adriatic League only at the age of 19 years. She draws attention as a versatile player who can play both shooting guard and small forward position and in essence, she can swing between the positions. She has a variety of moves to score, either by posting up, or by explosive penetration to the basket or crashing the offensive glass for put-backs after rebounds. She can hit the mid-range and outside shot, even having 3-point range. She stands out as a player with the threat of long-distance shot. Asst. Prof. Dr. Hakan Atamtürk: “Gajic will be a very outstanding player” Asst. Prof. Dr. Hakan Atamtürk, the Head of Health, Culture and Sports Office of NEU, delivered information regarding Marica Gajic. “She is a player that we had been following carefully. We have realized such a transfer as she stands out as a versatile player making a notable difference in her generation. We are extremely happy that we have signed a long-term contract with Gajic, who will her name mentioned frequently in Europe in future. Gajic has an amazing feel for the rebound and excellent basketball fundamentals. As an explosive forward-center capable of shooting, she possesses great instincts and athletic skills that are very rare in many power forwards. She has the potential to provide us with very significant contributions many years” said he.
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